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About Dan Rufolo

As a composer, Dan's music exhibits a diverse repertoire and a vibrant, transmittable energy. Brought up in the jazz tradition as a pianist, he has released over five albums of original compositions. His music has been described as “Spry, yet reflective” by Time Out New York, and Jazz Corner has said his music is “thought provoking,” “invigorating,”and “you’ll find yourself holding your breath not to miss a note.” In 2015, Dan founded Young Lion Audio, a boutique music house dedicated to film and commercial music. Dan's music has been featured on HBO and in award-winning films. He has also composed for many corporations, including Prudential, Viacom, PepsiCo, United Way, and Mozilla. Notable recent film scores include Stag (dir: Alex Spieth) The Hat Man (dir: Rob Alicea) and The Arrival (dir: Allyssa Rallo Bennett). A prolific artist, Dan is currently producing several albums and working on an animated pilot, his next feature film, and several shorts. Click below for a link to YLA.

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